Lobster sugar cookies

by fromsugarwithstyle

I must admit that I am a Mainer at heart. I love it there. It was my home for 21 years and I am sure that it will always be the place I feel most familiar. I have a strong attachment to all things  Maine as well. I love maple candy, blueberries, the ocean,  buoys, coffee express, the beautiful fall leaves, Bob Marley comedy and lobster. Lobster is my biggest association. Growing up my stepfather Barry had a lobster boat and my mom, brother and I would spend many mornings waking up early (  before sunrise ) to spend the day out on the water with him. Barry recently passed away and I was reminded of how much those days meant to me. I decided to pay tribute to Barry by making lobster shaped sugar cookies. Tying in something he loved with something I love.


The sugar cookie recipe I used is found here


2 Comments to “Lobster sugar cookies”

  1. So pretty! These would be amazing in single glassine bags with a simple tag on them. Would be good as a wedding favor for a seaside wedding! Link this post up places girl!

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