31 Days of Creating A Wardrobe- Pajamas

by fromsugarwithstyle

If you’re like me you have probably at one time or another gotten stuck in a rut of wearing old t-shirts and sweats to bed. Sure it’s convenient and comfortable, but where is the fun in that?? Sometimes people forget that what they sleep in is part of their wardrobe too and should reflect their style as much as what they wear during the day. After all a wardrobe is about feeling good about yourself and who wants to answer the door in the morning wearing an old high school band shirt?

1- A cozy bathrobe to cover up in the morning ( especially if you are wearing a chemise )

2- Warm pajamas for cold nights

3- cool pajamas for summer ( that match! )

4- Soft slippers to lounge around in

5- A Chemise (or 5!)  to make you feel sexy



Juicy Couture velour robe, $98
Victoria s Secret victoria secret sleepwear, $50
Chemise, $68
TopShop blue camisole, $28
Topshop, $28
UGG Australia flat heels, €139

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3 Comments to “31 Days of Creating A Wardrobe- Pajamas”

  1. yikes! there really is more to this wardrobe thing isn’t there. I’m helping my girls build a workable, unique wardrobe and I like how you’ve included the pjays, and under things. Great start for us to think about. Also we are thinking about a travel wardrobe so we can tweak what you are saying and build our thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve recently started wearing “real” matching pjs and chemises to bed – and I really do feel better! Especially cuddling up to my hubby!

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