31 Days Of Creating A Wardrobe- Work Out

by fromsugarwithstyle

This may sound silly but I know for a lot of women an excuse for not going to the gym is not having anything to wear that they feel good in. To be honest I have used it as an excuse myself a time or 2. Nobody feels good going out in sloppy clothes even if you’re going to get all sweaty anyway. Now I don’t support putting on a full face of make up and curling your hair to work out but I do find it extremely motivating to put on a matching Puma outfit and clean sneakers to walk out the door. Personally since I have started making the effort to create a workout wardrobe I find myself running a lot more often!

1- Matching outfits. I am a big fan of all black bottoms because you can pair them with different tops to make different outfits and don’t have to break the bank buying 20 bottoms!

2-A jacket to wear on cooler days when you want to be outside

3- Yoga clothes ( if you’re into yoga ) they tend to be softer and more comfortable than regular cardio clothes so you feel better doing it!

4 and 5- A Yoga Mat and water bottle. I know these are not actual attire BUT when you have good quality accessories and equipment you feel better about yourself and using them. Plus a reusable water bottle is so much better for the environment!

6- A good quality pair of sneakers can make all the difference in how you feel and how working out effects your body



Puma racer back tank, £16
Moonbasa, $48
Puma black lightweight jacket, £38
Puma sports activewear, $26
Asics mesh shoes, $130

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