31 Days Of Creating A Wardrobe- T Shirts

by fromsugarwithstyle

T-shirts are one of the most basic items in a wardrobe but they can also be the most versatile. You can dress a t-shirt down with cut off shorts and flat sandals OR you can pair one with a maxi skirt or a mini to dress them up. I like to have a lot of t-shirt options in my closet because I tend to wear them a lot and if I’m in a hurry they make a great go to outfit option.

1-  Plain white tee

2- Basic black tee

3- A tee with embellished shoulders- I love studs

4- Long sleeve striped tee- great for a nautical look

5-  A  band t- shirt

6- Bright colored tees – There is always room for a burst of color!



Short sleeve shirt, $185
Lutz Patmos silk screen t shirt, $132
Madewell v neck shirt, $20
J Crew linen shirt, $35
Old Navy striped tee, $15
AMPLIFIED printed shirt, �35

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