31 Days Of Creating A Wardrobe- Dresses

by fromsugarwithstyle

Dresses are something I think most women want to buy according to the occasion. We want a NEW dress for the upcoming wedding or night out with the girls. However sometimes there isn’t always enough time or money to go out and get something new. Here are a few dresses that should be a part of your wardrobe for those times where you have to wear something you already own.  (plus a couple that you can wear any day)

1- The little black dress LBD- You have heard it said time and time again but this will always be a staple

2- The sweater dress- perfect for those chilly days

3- A maxi dress- casual enough to wear to the beach but you can also dress it up for a date

3- A dress that you can wear to church or a casual wedding

4-Sundresses- I would have a few of these!

5- A party dress- for a night out, a date, bachelorette party etc.




Juicy Couture smocked dress, $66
Tommy Hilfiger cotton sweater dress, �90
V neck dress, �65
Lipsy draped dress, �35
One sleeve dress, �40
Isis colorblock dress, �65

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