31 Days Of Creating A Wardrobe- Sunglasses & Hats

by fromsugarwithstyle

Sunglasses and hats can be tricky because you have to shop around to find out which ones work with your face shape and head size. I have found that larger framed sunglasses and floppier hats work best on me ( I have longed to be able to where small wayfarers!) but that is definitely not the case with everyone. The best thing to do is head to a store where there are lots of options and see what works best on you. Both Hats and sunglasses are a great way to polish off an outfit and also be practical.

1- A black pair in a classic shape

2- A pair with some fun or an edge- I like aviators. Wayfarers , a pattern or a bright color are also great choices.

3- A pair for sport- You don’t want them falling off your face as you hike or run.

4- S straw brimmed hat for the beach

5- A cute snow hat

6- A fedora- There are many style options for these and are great for a day when your hair just isn’t working

7- A knit- For when its cooler but not cold

8- A cap- I don’t pay attention to sports or I would have a team hat!….these are great for the gym or when you are going to be outside active for a while.


sunglasses and hats


Oversized floppy hat, $40
Fedora hat, $58
Red Herring beanie hat, �12
Flexfit orange hat, �6
Ray-Ban ray ban shades, �111
Mirrored sunglasses, �125
Nike sport sunglasses, $79
Knit trapper hat, �18

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