Practicing What I Preach

by fromsugarwithstyle

I recently did a series on 31 Days to creating a wardrobe. I loved  doing it and its advice that I follow myself. However its easy for people to say what you should do but not actually be doing it themselves. My mom always used the quote ” Do as I say, not as I do” which I always thought was funny. I want to take the time and show you that I actually do use my own advice! Over the next few months I will be posting here and there pieces of my closet that make up my wardrobe according to my 31 Days Of Creating A Wardrobe.

WORKING OUT- See my original post here

IMG SRC=”Photobucket“>

I make sure to have a selection of workout tops and bottoms including some more comfy for yoga, sneakers ( I have the same ones as on my collage from earlier ) a water bottle and a yoga mat.  I am still in need of a black workout jacket, I have not been able to find one that I like so for now I use hoodies….That will change!


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