Guest Posting and Dress Shopping

by fromsugarwithstyle

Today I am heading out to my first dress shop to look at wedding dresses! I have never even tried on a wedding dress before so I am both excited and a bit nervous. I have always had this dream dress that I made up in my head and I’m terrified that I won’t find one nearly as perfect in real life. Do people really just know the dress is the ONE when they try it on??? I’m hoping that this happens for me because I tend to be very indecisive and change my mind a lot. ( My mom can testify to that. She hated school clothes shopping with me for that reason! )….Actually the more I type this out the more excited I become! I have been browsing the internet for months looking at dresses and I am slightly in love with a couple that I am going to see today! Wish me luck!

Also yesterday I had a guest posting over at all about what to wear at a blog conference! Check it out!

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6 Comments to “Guest Posting and Dress Shopping”

  1. Just visited and the clothes and accessories are terrific. As I was browsing that site, I fell in love with the third collections especially the leopard shoes. Anyway, this is my first time to visit your blog and hope you don’t mind if I ask something – are you getting married this year co’z u mentioned earlier that you’re surfing on the net looking for wedding dress? Oh that’s fantastic!!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog on wordpress. I went dress shopping about ten months ago and I had this perfect vision in my head of exactly what I wanted and when I tried it on, I felt nothing. So I kept trying on those dresses and around number 15, I knew I had to stop. I had found “the one.” It wasn’t what I had originally pictured, but I knew it when I put it on. I was worried since I bought mine so far in advance that I wouldn’t still love it, but here I am two months out, and let me tell you that dress is so perfect for me.

    I’m super indecisive too, so I know the feeling. Just enjoy it and have fun. The experience is awesome.

    Glad I found your blog 🙂

  3. You? Indecisive? Never! Ha Ha 🙂 I’m sure you looked amazingly beautiful. I hope you are posting pictures!!!

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