Clean Eating

by fromsugarwithstyle

We all hear about how important it is to eat naturally and organically but how many of us actually do? I for one am and I want to stress upon all those people who don’t take their eating seriously to listen up.

Unhealthy eating is the cause of many diseases, cancers and other health problems. We have to start really paying attention to what we put into out bodies. Supermarket shelves are chock full of preservatives, pesticides, artificial flavors and hundreds of other ingredients that are almost unpronounceable. Items containing those things should never have contact with out mouths. We are poisoning ourselves by doing so.

My rule of thumb for shopping is that I don’t but anything with ingredients I don’t understand ( which pretty much includes every pre packaged or boxed food in the store) I don’t buy anything with more than 5 ingredients ( this doesn’t mean 6 different vegetables ) and I buy almost completely organic especially with meats, dairy and most fruits and vegetables.

This way of eating is not a weight loss plan, although that’s probably what will happen.. It can include cake and pie ( in moderation ) as long as its made naturally and not filled with processed junk. Another rule I have..if i make it at home its ok to eat because I know whats going inside and that doesn’t include blue#40.

I wasnt always this way. I noshed on wheat thins and Oreos like the majority of america. I just now know what I am doing to myself by eating those things.

A couple books I found really helpful are.Food Rules by Michael Pollan


Clean Food by Terry Walters


The best thing to do is enjoy foods that were made by the earth. They are the best ones for you and will help you have a longer healthier life.


2 Comments to “Clean Eating”

  1. Michael Pollan is one of my favorite guys! I posted a book review of “In defense of Food” recently on my own blog. Such a good writer and such good sense!

  2. Very good sense- you are what you eat!!

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