I started FromSugarWithStyle  to share the things I love and that I am passionate about. It’s a creative way for me to focus on what makes me happy and hopefully make other people happy along the way. The main themes of this blog center on baking, fashion and books but I leave room for other things that STYLE my life.


Bits about me

* I am an actor living in LA

* I can watch The Santa Claus over and over again no matter what time of year

*Frosting is my favorite food

*Shoes inspire me and my outfits tend to be assembled around which pair I want to wear

*I love finding new book stores, coffee shops, and bakeries. They are where I go to relax.

* Traveling the world is a dream of mine, but exploring the world around me is my new excitement.

* I am the opposite of a pack rat, I don’t keep anything that I don’t need and I strive for cute organization.

* My musical taste is all over but I tend to gravitate toward country music and the soundtracks to musicals.

* Christmas is a holiday I prepare for all year long

* I believe a T-shirt can be appropriate to wear anywhere as long as its accesorized right

* I am a natural red head


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