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February 1, 2012

Christmas Saving

by fromsugarwithstyle

As I was reading one of my Dave Ramsey emails this morning I came across an article about saving for Christmas. It talks about how people seem to think Christmas sneaks up on them and that so many people fall into debt or can’t afford what they want to give because they didn’t prepare for the holiday.This is one of the things I have been passionate about for a years!…About 2 years ago now on January 1st  I started a Christmas the time is was just a cardboard box that I painted and cut a slit in the top. I would put at least 1 dollar a day in it sometimes 5 or 10 if I had extra to save for Christmas. By December 1st that year I had 800 dollars! I have now started special bank account for my Christmas money but I am doing the same thing. It makes Christmas not seem like so much of a burden and I can actually give gifts free off stress!….1 dollar a day is a great way to start because its money that you don’t really miss but it can add up when you do it for a whole year!

I wrote an entire post for last year which you can read here talking about my Christmas box. It’s one of the best budget plans I have ever done for myself and I would recommend it 100%!

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